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My grandmother, just before death ...Suddenly she said "I have a grave at the temple of Yamanashi" on the bedside. All my relatives caressed their heads "I have never heard of such stories before! Why are there in Yamanashi and who's tomb?" → Go to Temple 突然、「山梨のお寺に墓がある」と病床で言い出した。親族みんなで頭をかしげて「そんな話は一度も聞いたコトがない!なぜ山梨に、そしていったい誰の墓があるのか?」→山梨県周林寺へ




The grave of Kiyohji Murakami really existed ...My grandmother died 92 years old. Finally, the person who talks about the future is gone. Depending on a few clues, I found the actual tomb location. The temple was in the back of the mountain forest in Yamanashi Prefecture, above a hill of small height.

 祖母は92歳 亡くなった。遂にその先の話を語る人が、居なくなってしまった。少しの手がかりを頼りに、実際の墓の位置を突き止めていった。山梨県の山林の奥、小高い丘の上にその寺は存在した。

It is a temple with a vast landscape spread over the city. And there are many tombs in the temple and there is a tomb that was about to be made an unrequited love, nowadays where space can not be secured. That is the grave of Grandma's "great grave tomb" Kiyohji Murakami. Looking at the tomb of Murakami, there are two. One is "Kiyoharu Murakami / wife tartsu", and the other is "Ikeda family".

町を見下ろすように広大な景色が広がるお寺。そして、そのお寺には多くのお墓があり、スペースが確保できない昨今、無縁仏にされようとしていたお墓があった。それが、おばあちゃんの言う「曾祖父の墓」 村上喜代治の墓である。


村上を名乗ってはいけない。Do not name Murakami
The Ikeda family is the surname before grandmother's marriage and also the maiden name of Kiyoshi's wife. And his wife, the family afterwards, could not claim Murakami. Here you can see that there was a reason not to mention Murakami to descendants. In the story of a prenatal grandma "We went to Shikoku many times, my father was taken hands and I was taken to Shikoku and it was a long and steady road but, in the end, I could not afford Murakami's last name ..." . Kiyoshiji from Murakami family was broken! Is it? If so, it may be paradoxically straightforward. That possibility is high.
Certainly my mother was Ikeda surname, so I did not name Murakami. I was shocked to find a grave. We put together hands, furnished the work each time, and reported and received a great-grandfather's "Murumi" who would have been regrettable by the name of the artist, and made a decision.









Ship expensive transactions Sudden email from scholars in Hamamatsu City


Through HP after listening to Murikami Pioneer himself, a strange mail arrived. "Kiyoshi Murakami, the great-grandfather of your family's predecessor, seems to trading overseas vessels at a high price around1875年(明治8年)8月, but the ship is still missing, please let me know if you know" Hamamatsu It was an e-mail from a scholar who seemed to be a city · The ship stopped near Hamamatsu at that time and seems to have been traded ...
boat? Is it? Is it? High trading? Is it? Is it? If you buy a ship at that time, it is a big deal. Moreover, the ship says he does not know where he is going. I can not understand. More and more mysteries deepen ...









わかっていること。What I know

◎晩年は書家であった Later years was a calligrapher

Over the years, I heard stories about the "Murakami family" in the priesthood of the temple in the process of restoring the tomb that was abandoned without being known to anyone and cleaning it. However, the predecessor 's priest has been long, but now he died. I also visited the houses looking for elder senior citizens and elderly people in the neighborhood, but everything that knew about Kiyohji was in the hospital bed. Time was too late. The last clue I got. In later years, I moved to Yamanashi, I spent my later years as a calligrapher, and it seems that I have finished my life. 長年、誰にも知られずに放置されていた墓を修復し、掃除をしていく過程で、寺の住職に「村上家」について話を聞く。しかし先代の住職は久しかったが、今は亡くなってしまっているという。更にご年配の檀家さんや近所のご老人を探し求めて、家々を訪ねたが、喜代治のことを知るものは、みな病床の身であった。時が遅すぎた。最後にいただいた手がかりは。晩年、山梨に移り住み、書家として晩年は過ごし、その生涯を終えたらしい。





村上水軍との関係 !?

With regard to the above "Murakami Kiyoharu", if you have some information
Please provide information. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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